Achieving great line definition

Achieving great line definition

Quite often, poor line definition can be remedied without the need for expensive repairs or parts replacement, it is not always a faulty part that is causing the problem.

Line width is governed by the distance between the top of the surface to be marked out and the nozzle tip on the machine.

By moving the spray arm of the machine up and down on its mounting you can achieve wider or narrower lines. It therefore it follows that, if you have not moved the spray arm but the line width has changed, something else has happened to affect this.

Check the condition of the nozzle tip

Line marking liquid can be made up of coarse particles suspended in solution.

This makes it slightly abrasive when being pumped through the nozzle tip at high pressure. This can cause natural wearing on the tip and, over time will cause the hole in the tip to enlarge.

Supaturf tips are specially manufactured for our machines, to provide a crisp clear line with a good level of economy for the user. If the tip becomes significantly worn, two things will happen. Firstly the line definition will weaken and it will be harder to achieve the desired width, secondly the line marking liquid will begin to flood through the tip, meaning that more liquid is used to produce a weakly de ned line. It is important to change your nozzle tip regularly, ideally every three to four months with heavy use and six to eight months with lighter use.

We provide the nozzle tip singly and in packs of five. (Parts code 00481 for a single tip and 00214 for a pack of 5).

Your nozzle tip may of course, just be blocked or dirty

This can be cleaned but it is important to do this carefully.

Remove the tip from the spray head and run it under a warm tap. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the tip and hold it up to a light and look through the hole in the tip to check it is clean before returning it to the machine. Don’t use anything hard or sharp to try and unblock or clean the tip.

This could cause damage to the tip and will definitely affect the line quality and result in a need for a replacement.

Tyre pressure

Most people don’t realise it but tyre pressure can have a direct impact on the line definition. When your machine arrives, the tyres are fully inflated to the correct pressure. This will put the machine at a specific height above the ground. Over time (or by preference) the tyres will lose pressure and this will start to change the height of the machine from the ground and, of course, the distance between the marking surface and the tip will also change. This will affect the width of line being sprayed.

Keep your tyres pumped up to maintain the machine’s height at a constant level.

Grass level

It may sound obvious but often people don’t consider the length of the grass when they mark out. If the grass hasn’t been cut, it will naturally reduce the distance between it and the tip. Adjust the spray arm to a higher level if the grass is longer than usual. Wherever possible, try and mark your lines shortly after the grass has been cut.

Keep your filters clean

There are two filters on the TXE (three on a TLS and Xcel).

The main filter on the TXE is located behind and attached to the pump. Access the mesh by unscrewing the grey bowl section and remove the mesh.

Check it is clean, clear and free from debris. Replace it and reattach the bowl, screwing it down tight to the filter body – remember to ensure the filter seal is in place first! The other filter is inside the spray head, located behind the nozzle tip. With a half turn, click o the bayonet cap and remove the nozzle filter. It may be stuck up inside the spray head.


Snap the machine on & off very quickly to give a short spurt of spray, the nozzle filter will pop out into your hand – Again, check the filter is clean and insert it back into the head and reattach the cap. If any kind of build-up is present on the filters, these can affect the machine’s ability to spray correctly.

Regularly check the condition of the filters. The TLS and Xcel filters are located inside the machine, behind the rear inspection panel. These have a clear bowl, so it is easier to see any build up but it is still advisable to remove and clean the mesh inside regularly. The nozzle filter is the same as the TXE.

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