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Distributor Technical Presentations

Distributor Technical Presentations

12th October 2018

Distributor Technical Presentations

During the usually ‘quiet months’ do they actually exist anymore?  Vitax Supaturf have been busy reaffirming their relationships with the UK distributors.  Vitax Supaturf see a close relationship with their distributors as a key ingredient to; increased sales, product development, marketing strategy and, most importantly, to develop a professional and trusting relationships throughout the industry.

Whilst Vitax Supaturf’s technical seminars are there to increase the understanding of the products, the emphasis is not necessarily on what the products do, but how they do it.  So be prepared for a bit of Latin and biology! Yes, it is great to stand in front of a room with the ultimate goal of selling more products, but it is just as satisfying knowing that we may have learned a little bit more at the end!

Vitax Supaturf relies on distributors for sales into the golf market as we simply do not have the coverage.  Having great products just doesn’t cut it anymore so we are also aware that in the increasingly competitive market, product knowledge is essential to SELL a product, rather than barter a price against the competition as this just erodes margin.  Isn’t it refreshing to have the confidence to sell a customer something new, then see the great results!

Technical seminars also prove to the distributors that there is back up to the sales process and that any questions can be answered accurately, concisely and more importantly, within a reasonable timescale. 

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