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Export Stencilling

Export Stencilling

17th September 2018

Export Stencilling

I have often wondered why, as a company, we haven’t been more involved in pitch stencilling in the UK, as we have been in other parts of the sporting World. We do, after-all, produce the most reliable, flexible and economic coloured paints available.

Our colleagues in South Africa have a fine pedigree of stencilling adverts onto pitches for rugby and cricket Test matches, not just in the application, but also the design and, more importantly, the mixing of paints to create the exact pantone colour of well-known international brands.  This is the crucial part of the process. In many cases, a brand can be recognised just by the shading of a colour, the marketing is that powerful.

Russell and Kevin Gibbens can receive a pantone colour reference and replicate it so it shines through perfectly, even though the canvas is the greenest grass! This is testament to the reliability and consistency of the Supaturf Stadia Colours.

There is absolutely no room for error, neither in the UK, at the production facility, nor in South Africa where the logos are not only seen by the spectators in the stadium, but by the millions watching the games on television!!

It isn’t just Stadia Colours though!  Stencilling is also done with Supaturf’s Supamark aerosols!  Used primarily on artificial surfaces, the colour, brightness and quality shines through every time!

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