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February Maintenance

February Maintenance

31st January 2019

February Maintenance

February can be a cold and wet month in a bad year, or the start of spring growth.  Keep off the pitch when it is frozen.  Foot and vehicle traffic will crush frozen blades causing bruising and necrosis.  As light level and temperature rises through the month, grass growth increases.  The aeration and brushing tasks of January should continue through February.  Aeration at least twice through February will ensure good drainage and gas exchange.  Root development will benefit from good aeration.  Application of Amino-Sorb R will supplement natural amino acids that are slow to be produced at low temperatures.  Amino-sorb R will reduce cold stress and damage.

Mowing height during January should be between 25mm and 45mm.  Mowing frequency depends on ground conditions and presentation requirements.

Seeding can be carried out if the weather is milder later in the month to aid recovery in thin areas.  Ensure that the soil contains adequate phosphorus to enable seedling development.  SwardPhite is a powerful and fast acting phosphite fertiliser that is rapidly absorbed by both roots and shoots and is highly mobile in the plant providing the phosphorus that is needed for healthy root and crown development and for disease resistance.  SwardPhite can be applied as required as an efficient foliar fertiliser avoiding soil lock-up.

Sandy soils also benefit from the organic boost benefits of seaweed.  Apply Seaturf towards the end of the month to boost enzyme activity in the turf and micro-organism activity in the root-zone.

Continued application of Vitax 50-50 liquid or Vitax 50-50 soluble iron during February will harden the turf against disease attack and enhance colour giving a deeper green effect without soft growth.

February summary:

•             Mow height 25mm to 45mm

•             Aeration with solid tines or slitting

•             Brushing frequently to remove dew and debris

•             Application of 50-50 liquid or soluble iron

•             Application of Amino-sorb R

•             Application of Seaturf

•             Seeding of sparse areas

•             Application of SwardPhite to encourage rooting and healthy growth.

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