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May Maintenance

May Maintenance

30th April 2019

The long-playing season will have left the soil compacted down through the profile and in need of deeper aeration.  At the end of the season use solid tine or knife blade spikers or verti-drain machines to achieve aeration well into the soil to 300mm.  Heavy scarification is also beneficial to remove weak grass, thatch and debris from the turf.  Stronger growth will be encouraged.  The use of a Koro Top Maker will be advantageous if the budget allows.

May is the start of renovation time.  Sunken or worn areas should be well aerated, top-dressed and reseeded using appropriate quality loam and grass seed, both matched to the existing pitch.  Top-dressing should be worked well into the turf so that it effectively builds up the level from the solid soil surface.  Quality top-dressing material (60 to 100 tonnes) applied well really improves the playing surface by correcting levels, aiding drainage, encouraging seedling germination and establishment and overall thickening the sward.  Ensure that the soil contains adequate phosphorus to enable seedling development or replaced turf establishment.  SwardPhite is a powerful and fast acting phosphite fertiliser that is rapidly absorbed by both roots and shoots and is highly mobile in the plant providing the phosphorus that is needed for healthy root and crown development and for disease resistance.  SwardPhite can be applied as required as an efficient foliar fertiliser avoiding soil lock-up.

Repair seeding should be at 35g/m2 for worn areas with general over-seeding at a lower rate of 15g/m2.  Seed must be in firm contact with the soil, and be kept moist. Fertiliser may need to be applied, depending on your soil nutrient status and earlier gift of nutrients. Enhance 15+2+8+MgO+TE will provide immediate and slow release organic nutrients, including all trace elements.  Maintain turf health with an application of SwardPhite on a twice monthly basis.  Continue to apply VitaSil monthly to harden blades and encourage upright growth for a clean cut, and regulate water within the turf as temperature increases.  Continued application of VitaKelp will aid enzyme activity in the turf and boost micro-organism activity in the organic layer helping to reduce debris build up.  Amino-sorb F will aid seedling growth, deep rooting and stress resistance in the turf as we go into the warmer period.

Irrigation is vital in dryer periods, especially for repaired areas.  Mowing to 25mm to 35mm at least twice a week is needed to reduce excess blade extension and water loss.

 May summary:


•             Mow height 25mm to 35mm (take care with re-seeded areas, do not cut below 30mm)

•             Aeration with verti-drain or similar.

•             Top-dressing at 60 to 100 tonnes

•             Repair seeding and pitch over-seeding

•             SwardPhite and Amino-sorb F to improve seedling growth and root depth.

•             Application of Enhance 15+2+8+MgO+TE

•             Application of VitaKelp

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