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September Maintenance

September Maintenance

2nd September 2019

We are now well into the main playing season and mowing should be carried out as often as possible to maintain a thick, resilient sward.  Mowing height should be between 25mm and 35mm.

Brushing the turf to remove dew and surface debris is important to help reduce the incidence of Fusarium.  Brushing also gives a good appearance.

Aeration to varying depths is the key to good drainage, aeration and water infiltration.  Solid tines can all be used in autumn to varying depths depending on pitch condition and requirements.

September is the ideal time to apply an autumn high K fertiliser to give sustained but firm growth.  Apply either high K 50-50 liquid 5+4+20 plus MiNT liquid trace elements or granular Endure WG Autumn fertiliser 6+3+18 or Enhance 5+2+15+MgO+TE. 

50-50 liquid iron will harden the turf and reduce Fusarium patch and give a green up.  Iron fertilisers are harmful to moss at higher application rates.

Continue to apply VitaSil monthly to harden blades and encourage upright growth for a clean cut, and give physical resistance to disease attack.  Continued application of Seaturf +Fe will aid enzyme activity in the turf and boost micro-organism activity in the organic layer helping to reduce debris build up.  SwardPhite applied monthly will maintain energy transfer within the turf as temperatures fall and maintain meristem activity in root and tillers.

Watch out for diseases such as Red Thread and Fusarium, apply a suitable fungicide at first sign of attack.

September summary:

•             Mow height 25mm to 35mm

•             SwardPhite application to improve root activity and rooting depth.

•             Application of Seaturf + Fe and 50-50 soluble iron

•             Autumn fertiliser application with high K

•             Brushing to remove dew and debris.

•             Disease vigilance.

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