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Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

17th March 2020

Whilst we always try make our machines as simple as possible to maintain, there are a few helpful hints that can keep your machine in tip top condition all year round.  With the different products now available on the market, from compost teas to differing seaweed products and beyond, we are expecting our sprayers to apply a multitude of different products which have differing properties.

Compost Teas have solid matter in their make up and we suggest that to keep the pump free of solids, we advise you to strain the material prior to filling the sprayer’s tank.  Solid material can affect the performance of the valves within the pump which could lead to a loss of pressure. Also, ensure that the machine is thoroughly cleaned after use including all of the filters in the spray nozzles.

Seaweeds can be very viscous and can solidify throughout the system.  If the machine is not cleaned properly, a tacky residue can sit in the pump and on the filters. A helpful hint is to wash warm water through the system thoroughly to remove any deposits.  Supaflush liquid will also help in this process.  If you have not thoroughly cleaned your machine after applying seaweed and return to the machine to find it will not prime, run some hot water through the system; this should free the residue.  If you are happy to do so, you can remove the diaphragm by-pass valve and soak it in hot water.

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