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Supaturf South Africa joins the fight against Covid-19

Supaturf South Africa joins the fight against Covid-19

4th June 2020

The arrival and spread of the Corona Virus, Covid-19, has turned the world upside down and society as we have known it has been drastically affected in one way or another. Sporting activities has, because of this disruption been severely affected and it is generally accepted that in South Africa we do not expect School Sport to resume before 2021. The only sport codes allowed under the current Lockdown regulations are professional non-contact sports ie Golf, Tennis and Surfing.

Supaturf South Africa embarked on a program of utilising our Evensprey Club and PRO machines to apply disinfecting products for providing sanitising services to clients such as Supermarkets, Retail stores, homes, etc. Due to the multitude of floor layouts it is often not feasible to use the Evensprey machines with the spray booms attached so we removed them and fitted dual outlet adaptors to which 10-Meter extension hoses and hand lances have been connected. Experimentation with various nozzles and pressure settings ultimately resulted in being able to achieve the required droplet size and misting effect that would yield maximum coverage without run-off on smooth vertical surfaces as well as a sufficient and effective amount to paper-based packaging without compromising the integrity of the packaging. Only officially Government approved products that are registered as food safe are used to disinfect premises and we are delighted to advise that our services have been well received and publicised by those clients with whom we have engaged to date.


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